Affiliation to the Luxembourg Social Security

You are automatically affiliated to the Luxembourg Health Insurance Fund for the duration of your assignment. Do not wait for confirmation from the Fund, your contract is the proof of your affiliation.

If you have already worked in Luxembourg or are a Luxembourg resident, send us your Social Security number.

You have never worked in Luxembourg: we will take care of your registration. Please send us a copy of your passport or a valid identity card with both sides. The Social Security will then give you a unique number that is valid for life. The number always starts with your year, month and day of birth followed by your name.

Tax Administration

Since January 1, 2022, temporary employees no longer need a tax withholding slip.
Salaries are subject to a flat tax of 10% on the gross amount of social contributions.
Medical examination
The law requires a medical examination for everyone who signs an employment contract.

If you have not yet had this examination, please inform us and we will make an appointment for you. If you have already passed this exam for another company, please provide us with a copy of the medical fitness form.

Did you miss a medical? Without a valid excuse? And without cancellation requested 48 hours before the appointment? 90 Euros will be deducted from your salary. You still have the right to a second chance.
In case of absence at the second appointment, you are liable to an additional 90 Euros deduction and to termination of the employment contract for serious reasons §14.1 of the collective agreement applicable to temporary workers.

Absences - Sickness - Accidents

Illness ? Breakdown ? Accident ?

Illness :
It is mandatory to inform your host company AND then your agency from the first day.
A medical certificate must be established from the first day of absence and the original employer's medical certificate of incapacity to work ("Avis d'arrêt de travail" in France) must reach us within 3 days. Send the original certificate to the Caisse Nationale de Santé (National Health Insurance Fund), indicating your Luxembourg registration number. Sick days will be covered if the documents are sent in time.

Accident at work:
Inform your host company immediately AND then contact your PRELOR agency in order to fill in the work accident form. As the employer, we will be responsible for filing the accident report with the Accident Insurance Association ("AAA") the day after the accident occurs.

Record of hours

You are paid for the number of hours worked. Time sheets are the basis for calculating your wages. Time sheets must be signed and stamped by the host company.

Your income

All payments are made by bank transfer only.
Send us by mail or email to, your official bank document in IBAN format with BIC code.
We do not accept any bank statement that does not include your name.
Vacations are to be reported on the time sheets and will be paid in addition to your salary. The payment is made, in proportion to the hours worked, at the end of each mission.
The balance of the annual leave will be paid to you on the December payroll.
Advance payments Up to 70% of the normal hours worked the previous week.
You will be able to make the request to the administrative team before the 20th of each month.

Useful information:

Administration de l’Emploi - ADEM
10, rue Bender
L-1229 Luxembourg
Tél : (+352) 24 78 88 88
Fax : (+352) 40 61 41
E-mail :

Administration des Contributions
Bureau RTS Non-Résidents
5, rue de Hollerich,
L-2982 Luxembourg
Tél : (+352) 40 800-1
Fax : (+352) 40 800-5100
E-mail :

Caisse pour l’avenir des enfants
34 Avenue de la Porte Neuve
L-2227 Luxembourg
Tél : (+352) 47 71 53-1
Fax : (+352) 47 71 53-328


125 route d’Esch
L-1471 Luxembourg
Tél : (+352) 27 57-1
Fax : (+352) 27 57-2758

Administration des Contributions Directes
18, rue du Fort Wedell
L-2718 Luxembourg
Tél : (+352) 40 800-1
Fax : (+352) 40 800-3300